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Business Needs

Assessing Your Business's Needs

If you're running a small business, you may be considering options on how to maintain your IT needs. If our services are of interest to you, we will gladly assess how best we can serve you.

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly Maintenance Plans

In every business, it's important to ensure your computer workstations stay in good working order. Crimson Computer Care does the work for you, and offers a full suite of maintenance care. Once every month, we'll make sure your server and workstation computers are running smoothly, clearing away any clutter from temporary files, running antivirus and malware scans, and configuring other settings to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our plan also includes physical maintenance as well, getting rid of any dust that can hinder the performance of your computer towers and keyboards, and make sure your hardware is clean and ready to use. Maintenance can be scheduled to suit your needs, as we can perform all maintenance tasks on-site at once when it will impact your operations the least, or we can perform the internal maintenance after-hours remotely and come in to perform the physical maintenance when it suits your needs best.

If you would like a quote for our services, please call or email us with your business location and the number of workstations and servers you are working with and we can provide you with an estimate. Once you have your quote, if you decide to work with us we will visit your site and do a full assessment of your needs. New clients will also have 15% off their first month of maintenance!

Troubleshooting and Installation

Basic Troubleshooting and Installation Help

Think you have a virus? Need help installing a printer? Hardware on the fritz? Crimson Computer Care can work with you to assess what is causing these issues and then work to fix them. We proudly provide assistance for these services for business and home customers alike. If your machine needs something replaced, and is still under warranty, we can work with the manufacturer on your behalf to find what you need. No warranty? No problem. We can do the research for you to find the best match for your needs, and we can assist with installation once the parts are in.

Home PC Optimization

Home PC Optimization

Similar to our monthly maintenance plans for businesses, we also offer a variation of these services for your home PCs as well. Following an optimization model adapted for your home's personal computer, we can help keep it running at peak condition.
There are a variety of optimization options available to suit your needs: We offer a virtual-only optimization or full optimization suite, in which we also physically clean and dust your computer as well. We also not only offer one-time optimization service, but also offer continuous service packages in monthly and quarterly intervals to help you keep your computer at its best.


Safety  Is Important

We care about the health and safety of our clients, and when you make use of our services you’ll be assisted by a fully vaccinated tech. Your tech will have access to hand sanitizer and a supply of antibacterial cleaning supplies to ensure your equipment and workstations are clean and safe. Our company also has access to remote services. Once we are able to set up the remote client on your PC, your technician will be able to work on it remotely as needed, minimizing on-site contact when possible. Not able to be on your workstation? No problem, our remote services will allow us to jump in at any time you need as long as your computer remains on.